Guest Artist of the Month

February 2024

Tom Haddy

Tom Haddy

Stone Sculpter

Thomas Haddy is a California native , who was born and raised in the Sierra foothills, where he now resides.
He has a background in stone scuplture and murals.
Thomas started turning stone at the age of 55 after a 30 year career with the postal service. Much to his surprise his work started selling almost right away, and he found himself in galleries and selling at art shows.
Thomas’ work includes alabaster, talc, soapstone, brucite, and various others.
Thomas starts with large rocks which he cuts into slabs with a chainsaw, then he cuts them into circles on a bandsaw. He then attaches them to a lathe and turns them very slowly, making the shape by eye and hand.
Thomas tries to never duplicate his vessels, so that the buyer has a one of a kind piece.
Thomas has been especially inspired by his mentor and friend Jack Richardson, who has guided him in the art of stone turning.

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