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Weaver & Fiber Artist

jewelry, scarves & textiles

About Nancy

Nancy Beckert has been a lover of all things fiber for most of her life. She has always loved creating with her hands and since early childhood has spent countless hours immersed in threads of all kinds. She enjoys knowing that as she carries on her part of the fiber art tradition, she shares her passion with others from tens of thousands of years and across much of the globe.

At a young age, Nancy was always drawn to the feel of different fibers and the visual pleasure of combining diverse colors, often to create wearable art. Starting with a love of knitting, she recently gravitated towards the more complex art of weaving, and has dabbled in tapestry weaving, Navajo weaving, backstrap weaving and Swedish band weaving. Between her Rigid Heddle Loom, Leclerc Floor Loom, Schacht Baby Wolf Floor Loom, and her Swedish Band loom, she always have a few projects going at the same time.

Kumihimo, the Japanese art of braid making, has been a recent addition to Nancy’s passion for fiber arts, and she has become fascinated with creating intricate, interlaced strands, incorporating beads and pendants into wearable art. Nancy is also creating with silk eco printtechniques, silk fusion, and needle felting in addition to weaving and Kumihimo.

Nancy studied with Mary Walker in Arizona where she learned about Navajo culture andweaving, and with Laverne Waddington of Bolivia with whom she studied indigenous Pebble Weaving on the backstrap loom. She has also taken trips into Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico where she observed the cultures and crafts of these countries, and often incorporates these designs and ideas into her creations.

Nancy has been a member of the Reno Fiber Arts Guild for several years. With this group of likeminded fiber artists, she continues to learn newtechniques and about different cultures and their use of fiber arts in the world today.

She recently retired as a paralegal with a Bay Area law firm and currently lives in Truckee with her husband and seventeen-year- old son where in her spare time she enjoys gardening, stand up paddling and playing her flute, when she is not tied up (sometimes literally) with her fiber creations.

Nancy Beckert

visit nancy on the web

Visit Nancy on the Web

Visit Nancy on the Web