Elaine Randall

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Walking crow clay

About Elaine

Elaine Randall’s pottery is beautiful, unique, and dreamy. While Elaine’s formal education was in medicine, she studied clay in several studios, after which, she says, “The moment my hands encircled the first ball of creamy, cool, stoneware clay, I knew pottery was meant for me!” Since moving to Lake Tahoe from upstate N.Y in 2010, she has worked from her home pottery studio in Kings Beach. Elaine loves the challenge of making one-of-a-kind vessels on her pottery wheel: “All kinds, but especially with lids. The idea of holding something for safe keeping fills my head with ideas, connecting me with the clay.” Elaine’s inspiration for her pottery comes from the beautiful environment that surrounds her: “The Lake, the sun, the wildlife, and the bright colors of Tahoe capture my imagination. I never run out of pottery dreams!”

visit elaine on the web

Visit Elaine on the Web

Visit Elaine on the Web

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