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About Dan

Dan Gaube started his business, Art Naturally Speaking, in 2005 and all of his woodwork

and jewelry is inspired from nature. He has had his workshop in Kings Beach, CA for 11

years and has the luxury of working just a few minutes walking distance to the shoreline

of Lake Tahoe. His mission is to transform elements of nature into modern works of art.

Gaube’s woodwork involves intricate craftsmanship, often specializing in inlay work and

complex joinery. All have a natural feel, with modern edge. His woodworking repertoire

includes tables, chairs, clocks, lamps, wall art, sculptures, shelving and mirrors. He

tries to use sustainable practices as much as possible when gathering materials for his



The original idea to create jewelry stemmed from recycling leftover scraps from

woodworking projects. His jewelry has since evolved into unique one-of- a-kind mixed

media work, often incorporating colorful materials such as abalone, wood, gemstones,

metal, sea glass, etc.

Dan has been very involved in showcasing his work at various art shows throughout the

state of California. He works on commission for many sources, from private

homeowners to elegant restaurants. His passion for nature fuels so much devoted

energy into all of his creations.

Dan Gaube

visit dan on the web

Visit Dan on the Web

Visit Dan on the Web